Breeding Chronology

Seattle Peregrines at 1201 Third St. Building
(formerly the Washington Mutual Tower)

The nest ledge on WAMU tower.  Photo by Pat Little

Notes to Chronology:



























Virginia died 6/8 when she hit a window. 

One female nestling died from a brain abcess. 

Young male injured and euthanized 8/16 by local wildlife care center; female’s whereabouts unknown.

Bell first seen on the WAMU tower on 8/5; still had a few brown juvenile feathers.

Egg laid on 3/26 kicked out of nest and broke.

Female that fledged 6/14 taken from downtown with frounce; 2nd female fell off ledge on 6/15, emaciated from frounce. Neither survived. 

Male confirmed still alive 4/2006 in Bremerton area.

One nestling died from unknown causes within two days of hatching.

Male that fledged 6/8 electrocuted in Mt Vernon area and died 9/9. Whereabouts of second male unknown.

Female taken from downtown 6/20 with frounce; rehab center determined she was not releasable. Escaped from captivity & presumed dead.

One egg did not hatch.

Male that fledged 6/12 died 6/15 after hitting a building.

Male that fledged 6/16 found dead at LAX 10/27.

Bird that fledged 6/14 injured right wing in Sept; stayed downtown, visited nest box during incubation; injured again 6/98 - not releasable & died in captivity.

Two nestlings died of unknown causes within 72 hours of first hatch.

No sightings since mid-August.

All four fledged and survived at least the first few weeks post-fledging. Female #2 seen at Stanwood 12/24/2001, found dead July 2004 at her eyrie on James Island.

One nestling died 5/4 of unknown causes.

First female to fledge died 6/14 after hitting a window near the nest ledge.

Male breeding at I-5 Ship Canal since 2001.

One of the females that fledged 6/16 trapped in building January 2003 -– missing one leg – survival unknown.

May have bred on the East Channel Bridge in 2003; bred there 2004, present spring 2005 but replaced by another male during breeding season; found dead in crevice on another bridge 11/2005.

Did not nest at WaMu. Bell made late nesting attempt with unidentified male in vent shaft on One Union Square building.

2 eggs did not hatch.

Male died 6/24, the day he fledged; picked up on 2nd Ave.


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